Personal Pass Certificates are:

  • Certificates issued to an individual that allow the individual to digitally sign documents and encrypt documents

When will you purchase an Personal Pass Certificate?:

  • When you want to provide proof that the information contained in the electronic document originated with the signer and that the document has not been altered,
  • When you want to allow secure electronic document workflows to replace tedious, paper-based processes.

Features of an

Personal Pass Certificate?

Validation Identity
Proves email ownership ico
Proves identity ico
Suitable for email security ico
Suitable for electronic signature ico
Adobe AATL compliant ico
Assurance Level Identity Validation
Email Control ico
Individual’s Identity ico
Issuance time Most certificates issued in 24 hours
Key length in bits (RSA/ECC) 2048/256
Hash Algorithm SHA-256
Reissues Free
Compatibility Most browsers and mobile devices
Most S/MIME capable email clients
Adobe Signer
Security Trust Seal protected by TrustFactory

Please contact for further details and pricing.