Personal Pass Premium Certificates are:

  • Certificates with with the highest level of assurance using face-to-face validation

When will you purchase an Personal Pass Premium Certificate?:

  • When you want to sign an electronic document and you require the recipient to have the highest level of assurance as to your identity

Features of a

Personal Pass Premium Certificate?

Validation Face-to-Face
Proves email ownership ico
Proves identity ico
Suitable for email security ico
Suitable for electronic signature ico
Adobe AATL compliant ico
AES compliant ico *
Assurance Level Strong Identity Validation
Email Control ico
Individual’s Identity ico
Individual’s Signature ico
Issuance time Most certificates issued in 24 hours
Key length in bits (RSA/ECC) 2048/256
Hash Algorithm SHA-256
Reissues Free
Compatibility Most browsers and mobile devices
Most S/MIME capable email clients
Adobe Signer
Security Trust Seal protected by TrustFactory

* currently awaiting accreditation

Types of Trust Factory Individual Certificates