Organisation Validated SSL Certificates:

  • Require more validation than DV certificates, but provide more trust.
  • Are certificates where the Certificate Authority will verify the actual business that is applying for the certificate.
  • Are used by corporations, governments and other entities that want to provide an extra layer of confidence to their visitors.

When will you purchase an Organisation Validated SSL Certificate? :

  • If you have an informational website, an OV SSL certificate will boost the credibility of your business by confirming authenticity
  • where you need to assure your visitors that both the website and the company are reputable by having the organisation’s name on the certificate
  • they display a padlock in the visitor’s address bar thus letting them know it is safe to submit sensitive information on your website

Features of a Trust Factory Organisation Validated

SSL Certificate?

Validation Organization
Proves domain ownership ico
Validates organisation ico
Padlock in browser address bar ico
Assurance Level Strong Organization Validation
Domain Control ico
Domain Ownership ico
Contact’s Name and Title ico
Contact’s Employment ico
Contact’s Authority ico
Contact’s Signature ico
Organization’s Identity ico
Issuance time Most certificates issued in 1 day
SAN SANs for owa, mail and autodiscover subdomains included
Key length in bits (RSA/ECC) 2048/256
Hash Algorithm SHA-256
Boosts Google Rankings a
Reissues Free
Compatibility Most browsers and mobile devices
Security Trust Seal protected by TrustFactory

Types of Trust Factory Organisational Validated SSL Certificates



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